Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Ultimate Blog Party

Welcome and I'm glad you are here. I'm so excited to be invited to this party. My fellow blogger and real life friend Misti told me all about it.

Me? Well, I just like and love everything it seems. From how can I create something from nothing to how to find the best bargain ever. The cheaper I find the bargain, the more value the item has to me. I love to celebrate life, my family and my friends.

I'm so glad you came over and I hope you will come back. I'm so new to Blog World, that it would be an honor if you chose to follow me.
A target giftcard would be so join the party and join the excitement at The Ultimate Blog Party 2009!



Friday, March 20, 2009

I Heart My Gals!

Hello friends, I'm going to get a little heart-shaped here. For those that know me, I am not a heart-shaped, sappy, pink stuff kinda gal. But, I love my girlfriends and I dedicate this post to all of them!

There are some friends that I've known all of my life, some for several years, and some just recently...but no matter the length of time, their friendship is so important to me. So to ALL of my gals out there I HEART YOU!

To all of my "Wine-y Friends"...Cheers! Can you imagine us here on a Friday night, just talking and sharing wonderful stories?
To my coffee buds, who can so understand and appreciate a good cup of coffee. This takes me back when all of the kids were little and we would share afternoons outdoors while they played and we shared a french vanilla, or peppermint mocha...
How can you forget this beautiful sunset? It's very special when you share fond memories from a vacation with your family and friends. To my beach buddy who always appreciates a good day in the sun with our toes in the water while the husbands are under the tent and the kids are catching hermit crabs.
To my friend who calls me on a Friday night and invites me over to have hot chocolate around the fire pit. And who also loves to share funny bumper sticker quotes and church sign quotes that make us laugh like little teeny boppers.

To my friend who loves everything just like me. From a silly magazine or catalog (Ballard Designs) that just came in the mail to just a wild hair idea about decorating. Our love for magazines has led us to create a scrapbook for each other full of stuff that reminds us of the other. We always look forward to the mail because we know that one of us has sent each other something...oh, how fun!

To all my friends that I share so much time with at the baseball fields or football fields...Here's to you! I dedicate this picture to you...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bags, Purses and Totes...Oh My!

Bags, totes, purses...I Just Love 'Em!

I found this "Y" bag at our local Hudson Bridge Pharmacy Soda Shoppe...ON CLEARANCE! I was so giddy when at the cash register. The lady just never thought she would sell a "Y" bag...whose name starts with a "Y" anyways...Very uncommon! But, Yeah Me!

This beauty came from the Barnes & Noble collection...who would have thought! I have the matching pen, coffee mug and thermos. Just a wonderful gift from my dear brother.
Oh, and take a look at these from

My BFF, Misti from would be all over the "RED" ones.
Awww, just so springy and just so darn pretty!
Love the "Initial" bags...just can't go wrong with one of these...
And, just perfect for those afternoon picnics or outdoor concerts...
Ok, if you saw the pillows on Tuesday's posting, you will see how familiar these bags are...Aren't they just darling?
You can never go wrong with a bag as a gift. Think of teachers for the end of the year gifts, mother's day, birthdays, or "Just Because Days"...We all have those days, don't we?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pillows with Attitude...

Join Kari and Kijsa along with other fellow bloggers for a Pillow Parade Finale Party going on right now at

...Makes you wanna go "Awwww!"

My famous little pillow says it all...And my friends do not argue with it either...
"I'm Not Bossy, I Just Have Better Ideas!"

This little pillow says it perfectly too...
"EVERYONE BRINGS JOY TO THIS OFFICE...some when they enter, others when they leave" Just plain awesome...

Very modern...

Proud to live where you live...

And fun for any room...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gift Giving Ideas

Ok, I'm going to share one of my "gift giving" ideas. You know how sometimes you just want to show someone your appreciation or affection in a small but thoughtful way. My little "thrifty" idea cost less than purchasing a store bought greeting card. And, there are just so many ways and occasions to use this idea.

Your local dollar store carries these cute bears at of course, ONE DOLLAR! I buy about ten at a time, just to have them on hand for a last minute gift.I remove all of the tags and bows that is attached to the bear. Even the one that says "Made In China/All Man Made Materials"

Use your own ribbon...

Next, type your captions on cardstock...Cut them out, hole punch them and use for any occasion. Create several at one time so that you always have them readily for any event.

My personal favorite type of gift bag is the White Kraft bag sold at various crafts store...Costs about $0.50 each. You can add your own ribbon, gift tag or special touch.
Your final product can have various looks and your cost can be less than Two Bucks!
You can add a bag of chocolate, a book, stationary, etc. This gift works for any occasion.

Here I added my own tag "School Days" found in the Scrapbook section. It definately adds an extra personalized touch to your gift.

Create these bears with your own personal touch and see the reaction of the recipient...I know that they will love can you not love these cute little faces!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh Gee, I'm so humbled! I received my first blog award from a fellow blogger and friend. A dear friend who has always loved all of my ideas no matter how cheezy or off the wall they have been. Thanks Misti from studiomdesigns! If I can only be as creative as you...You Rock Girlfriend!

I think the rules are tell 7 things that you like and then pass it on...

1. La Familia, Amigos and some good wine...

2. Silliest joke ever: "Why does Tigger always stink?"...Because he's always playing with "Pooh"...get it? Super funny!

3. Best Bumper Sticker in the whole world: "CONSPIRACY: Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed"... I so believe that!

4. Bags...all sorts of bags...purses, totes, small bags, big bags, just bags...
My creations from scraps of fabrics...

5. Taking pictures of just about anything...

6. My kid's it!

7. Oh, of course, COFFEE and my favorite Magazines...

And now, the award goes to....drum roll please...Ok, I'm so new to Blog World, that I will need a few extra days to gather my thoughts...It's very exciting, so stay tuned!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Love for Coffee...

My favorite Little square coffee mug...

My love for coffee goes beyond just a cup of coffee. Sometimes I purchase a certain brand of coffee simply because of its tin. Yes, if I see a purpose for it, then it comes home with me. In this case, the Beaumont Coffee tin from Aldis became my kitchen utensil holder. I change it out often... ...And then for Christmas, I have another tin that is used for the Christmas tree in the kitchen. Very simple little tree, but my all time favorite. If you see closely, it has cookie cutters, clothespins, and my boys' first spoon and fork...AND, their first jar of baby food when they graduated to solids. I kept both of their first jar of baby food, cleaned them out and placed a note inside with the date. Sounds very silly, but OH what a memory for me.
See how simple, but how meaningful...Explore the endless possibilities to decorate your home with unthinkable household items. It's never permanent, if you don't likey, you can change it. My little "International Coffee" tin is used to hold sugar and kept in my glass door cupboard above the coffee maker. Useful and decorative. Decorate with "stuff" that you enjoy and like. Make it your home.