Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gift Giving Ideas

Ok, I'm going to share one of my "gift giving" ideas. You know how sometimes you just want to show someone your appreciation or affection in a small but thoughtful way. My little "thrifty" idea cost less than purchasing a store bought greeting card. And, there are just so many ways and occasions to use this idea.

Your local dollar store carries these cute bears at of course, ONE DOLLAR! I buy about ten at a time, just to have them on hand for a last minute gift.I remove all of the tags and bows that is attached to the bear. Even the one that says "Made In China/All Man Made Materials"

Use your own ribbon...

Next, type your captions on cardstock...Cut them out, hole punch them and use for any occasion. Create several at one time so that you always have them readily for any event.

My personal favorite type of gift bag is the White Kraft bag sold at various crafts store...Costs about $0.50 each. You can add your own ribbon, gift tag or special touch.
Your final product can have various looks and your cost can be less than Two Bucks!
You can add a bag of chocolate, a book, stationary, etc. This gift works for any occasion.

Here I added my own tag "School Days" found in the Scrapbook section. It definately adds an extra personalized touch to your gift.

Create these bears with your own personal touch and see the reaction of the recipient...I know that they will love can you not love these cute little faces!


Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Oh, how I love my little bear friend! These are very sweet and heartfelt gifts. Thanks for the tutorial!

Melissa Miller said...

They are precious!
Perfect gifts. :)