Monday, March 2, 2009

Ancient Chinese "Baseball" Secret

Ancient Chinese "Baseball" Secret-Not really...but it works. This is for all you baseball moms out there...You know who you are! Baseball season is right around the corner and the most exciting part is getting brand new uniforms, jerseys, pants, new everything. Ahhh, there's nothing like it...BUT, then they get dirty. How dirty? Oh, so very dirty. And then the pants are never like they used to be.

Well, this little secret that I'm about to disclose won't deter the dirt completely, but will help tremendously. Baseball moms before me have shared the "Scotch Guard" secret...which totally makes sense. Spraying the pants with Scotch Guard protects them from getting the ground in dirt and makes washing a bit more easier. You may still need to "Shout" them out and do whatever washing ritual that you do to your pants. Basically the "Scotch Guard" ritual will prolong the life of the pants.

Before you start, always test an area before spraying the entire article of clothing. For you Rivercats and Pirate moms, I have already tested our pants. Simply follow the directions on the can. The trick is to spray them after each wash once the pants are dry.

Always use a towel underneath the pants to protect the surface...I use the bathtub for the spraying process.

Once you spray one side, flip pants over and spray. Let the pants dry. Once they are completely dry, spray both sides again. don't go telling other moms on the other teams....

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Misti of Studio M Designs said...

I would have NEVER thought of that! Do you think it would work on the kid's hands and knees, too? LOL!